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I agreed to purchase a car from this Danny bloke at Holden Brook and gave him a deposit in cash on Sunday, the eleventh of June. I asked for the car to have a new MOT as the old one was only just over a month old and mentioned some advisories that were on the last one.

He said that there wouldn't be any issues and that the car would be ready on Tuesday, in case it needed work for the new MOT. He texted me to say that the car had passed with flying colours and that he could deliver it that night, the Monday, which he did and I paid the balance in cash. There were issues with tyres at first and so I rang him, he agreed to pay me for a replacement tyre and said that he would ring to arrange. That was it, no further contact despite a visit to the unit and many calls and texts.

There were also issues with brakes and suspension and bulbs so had he got some kind of deal with the tester at where it was done. I've had the car serviced and am going through all the issues at my own expense, today however I went to his unit again after no reply to further calls and texts and guess what, he's done a bunk. Bailiffs are after him and by all accounts some others who are a lot more out of pocket than me are keen to speak to him also. I guess that my three-month warranty is useless now.

I wish that I'd checked the reviews before buying from him, but was in desperate need of a car, this one seemingly being the best of a bad bunch. I've been to the garage who he bought it from and who did the MOT and all they can tell me is that he is no longer in business.

I intend to contact the owner as this could have an impact on his business if they have dealt with Stones. It is a medium to large-size local used car I suppose that a lesson has been learned and it's a shame that others have been upset by this fella, all I can say further is that "You reap what you sow, Stones"

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He needs his comeuppance and I’m sure it is on the way

to Anonymous #1533644

Thanks, I believe that he has closed Holden Brook Motors down now, at least we are aware of not to deal with him again.


BTW..Danny Stones of Leigh, Greater Manchester is nothing more than a shifty con dealer and not to be trusted.


Track down any new car company he may have started and inform whoever is hosting his website to close it down.

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